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Dredging port high-speed Rebar Couplers use project

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G15 Shen Hai high-speed haikou section (dredging port freight fast trunk road engineering) is located in haikou city, the project including overhead lines (including dredging port connections) and municipal causeway.Overhead lines route from binhai avenue and guangdong road intersection, through dredging port connecting with the new sea, guangdong port connection, along the south guangdong road median wiring and dredging port road, along the west coast 1 fuli surplus valley villas, farms, haikou railway station, a word ridge reserve on the east side, and G98 highway intersection, the finish and beauty AnXin city road ground connection.The project by the four navigation bureau building, its Rebar Couplers all products and equipment supplied by GLUS, the project is aGLUS in one of the important project of hainan.It is worth mentioning that solid lux upgrade on hainan island for the first time to use pneumatic automatic equipment, well received by the technician, this equipment time, a technician can operate more than two full automatic equipment.

Dredging port high-speed Rebar Couplers use project

The project for the national highway system project.Project is located in haikou xiuying district, guangdong G98 around the island in the south high-speed, north along the status quo and binhai avenue after dredging port road, guangdong road intersection, the end point for the new haigang district.Project about 16 km to highway + city form, and set in the main cross road interchange, project investment density of about 5.8 billion yuan.

G15 blue-water highway haikou section (dredging port freight fast trunk road engineering) overhead line length 15.133 km, with three interchanges, respectively highshow connectedness, coconut sea interchange and dredging port.Overhead lines by two-way six-lane highway standard design of asphalt concrete pavement, the design speed of 100 km/h, cross-sectional width 32 m.Dredging port cable length 5.084 km, counterclockwise direction of single relief port transportation, using one-way three lane road standards, design speed of 60 km/h, roadbed width of 18.75 m.Municipal cars on total length of 8.040 km, a total of 10 grade crossing.Municipal cars by two-way six lanes urban arterial road standard design, asphalt concrete pavement, the design speed of 60 km/h, red line width of 100 m.

Dredging port existing highway construction standard is low, a serious shortage of traffic capacity, road function is not clear, as the new haigang district built step by step, in order to meet the new haigang district and along after the production after the completion of the planning area of growing in the area of traffic demand, traffic safety at the same time, the urgent need to build new dredging port expressway.This project is the key of the haikou city construction project, when completed, to meet national freeways lu island, perfecting hainan freeways and regional road network layout, build a comprehensive transportation system, improve the regional transportation environment, promote along the regional economic and social development, to accelerate the development of tourism resources along the upgrade has important significance.

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