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GLUS advance together mountain base engineering vehicle

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By the turbine to undertake the shenzhen metro line 10 engineering (together mountain stand) traffic facilities, the land is located in buji street, ground floor land area of 2656.17 square meters, the land area of 11814 square meters, the underground layer underground land area of 9403.99 square meters, on the second floor underground three-tier land area of 9403.99 square meters, under the relevant person in charge of solid lux positive communication, the project USES steel sleeve related products and equipment are all made of GLUS products, advanced technology to provide security for its use.

GLUS advance together mountain base engineering vehicle

Shall be borne by the rail transit station construction of shenzhen subway line 10 together mountain base for vehicles is domestic rare multiple vehicles, with a total investment of about 2.2 billion, is one of the largest construction project at present, the company domestic monomer.Since in construction for more than a year, together mountain project in push forward progress, quality and safety civilization construction at the same time, from the construction organization, construction technology and optimization scheme, boosting construction progress, to achieve the goal of cost savings.

GLUS advance together mountain base engineering vehicle

Currently, together mountain project has entered the main structure construction stage, project department according to the characteristics of the main structure construction, also held by project managers, general labor organization plan internal review, we've discussed every detail and the main points, comparison from the plans and measures, optimization and choice.Through research, the project department decided to introduce full steel construction, high utilization rate of using steel template, good stability, to promote concrete appearance quality and save cost.

GLUS advance together mountain base engineering vehicle

Together mountain project for breakthrough advance with technology, solid guidance and carry out good quality and safety civilization construction work and so on, to find the problem, arrange the specialist is responsible for, the first implementation of the rectification;At the same time, the control standard of shenzhen, in conditions of construction, to improve the internal drainage facilities, set up wastewater tertiary settling basin and measures such as to cover bare slopes in shenzhen set up the benchmark in the municipal engineering contractors.

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