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GLUS all the way forward

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By iron 2 bureaus in the construction of shenzhen metro line 4 on November 7, 4302 mark in 2016, the first pile grouting success, as in iron 2 bureaus of reinforced connection suppliers,GLUS undertake the project the supply of all Rebar Couplersand related machinery and equipment, the total cost of 9.6 billion yuan.


Rail transit 4302 blocks of shenzhen mission hills in the parking lot is located in longhua new district mission hills loose yuan mansion street community within the scope of view and view flat road intersection on the east side, 200 m, stone horse size reservoir on the west side, the total is 145000 m2.Set aside on property development, cover cover's total area of 93461.6 m2.For parking lot on the 9 single building, including buildings, two guards in the cover, the other six monomer (hangar, substation, hanger, car sewage station, using the library, not wheel) all in under the cover.

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