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GLUS continues the morning of the day yue garden Rebar Couplers connection project

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The morning of the day yue garden is located in boluo county town of SAN shek wan.It is understood that the project is a period of up to 122 sets of weekly net sign, the top list of huizhou property clinch a deal in a single week, the project also become bo Luo Shiwan first won the weekly sales champions league building in the city.The second area built by chenghai total construction.In solid lux, solid company engineering services co., LTD. Project director Zhou Xuanping active contact and communication, the GLUS with good service and powerful product advantage won the trust of the contractor, the two sides to reach a cooperation on rebar connection part, GLUS to undertake the project reinforced contractor construction, including production, installation, Rebar Couplers and connection between steel machinery, workers and so on.

Rebar Couplers

Day yue the building for the whole project atrdeco style, two ladder and door, two three household design, equipped with double entry hall, wai jewels layout ultra wide floor spacing, high N + 1 family, his original "butterfly valley ecology garden landscape design.In recent years, the best in the history of SAN shek wan ushered in the development of an opportunity to be valued by customers in shenzhen.Sino-russian trade settled in shilong industrial park, the red sea logistics park strategic upgrade from the national level, shilong in Hong Kong has become a "area, all the way" bridgehead in guangdong.Opened to traffic by the end of the red sea bridge, through "three, four town (SAN shek wan, shilong, shijie, beach)" accelerated economic exchanges between traffic artery, area fusion.

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