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GLUS hand in hand to CSCEC build tianhe jinmao plaza

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By China jin MAO and cinda real estate teamed up to build urban complex project jinmao plaza tianhe building area of 330000 square meters, located in the north of guangzhou avenue, metro line 3 mei garden station south, the project by building the office building.By GLUS reinforced connection related projects, among them its engineering services co., LTD., subcontract, under the guidance of director of project Zhou Xuanping, reinforcing bar connection related products, equipment and artificial already all comes into play.The project adopts the steel bar connection all products and equipment supplied by GLUS.

GLUS hand in hand to CSCEC build tianhe jinmao plaza

Learned, formerly known as project yunda elevator factory plot, June 2, 2015, China cinda group, cinda property after a fight, defeat, poly, huafa industrial enterprise, such as green land, finally with 4.42 billion yuan over the land, or a floor price 18524 yuan/square meters.Cinda property after introducing jinmao joint development in China.The personage inside course of study thinks, land is a rare beautiful to downtown.Building is near the metro line 3, 4 station can reach tianhe city.Other projects in addition to its own 13000 square meters garden, near the baiyun mountain scenic spot.Surrounded by the people's liberation army DiYiWuQi, san-jiu brain, nanfang hospital medical institutions.

GLUS hand in hand to CSCEC build tianhe jinmao plaza

Estate hired to participate in the design of Japan roppongi hills, difficult wave park, Hong Kong langham place famous projects such as commercial building design company "the American express international architectural firm" as part of the project commercial design consultant.

China jinmao sinochem's parent company, is the only 26 years topped the world's 500 strong state giants.China jinmao into south China since 2013, has been successful in southern China region to build guangzhou nansha Jin Maowan, guangzhou pearl river Jin Maofu, foshan jin MAO green island lake.Jinmao plaza tianhe and shenzhen longhua Jin Maofu will come out next year.It is understood that in addition to outside, beautiful square project in citic plaza, central plaza, jia yu sun city three other tour point will soon open.

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