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GLUS join shanyou cham high speed project

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HuiQing shanyou cham highway section of the project as east-west highway across the central region of guangdong province, is a important ties throughout guangdong things wings economy and culture, is the pearl river delta life again to speed up economic arteries.In the project by the GLUS cooperation unit TieShiBaJu construction, project cost 970 million, Rebar Couplers used by the project and related equipment are all made of GLUS products.GLUS brand reputation throughout the country has increased!

From the the total length of 125.28 kilometers, longmen county, huizhou in longhua, finally taihe town of qingyuan city fresh area, which qingyuan section across the 76 km long, the project starts out in late last year, is expected to open to traffic in 2019.Opened to traffic, from huizhou to qingyuan's drive will be from about 3 hours reduced to 1.5 hours.

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Huizhou to qingyuan period as a highway is an important part of the sandstones, light, and to perfect its construction in guangdong province highway network layout, promote the regional coordinated development of economy and society in guangdong province between eastern and western, huizhou, guangzhou, qingyuan city, between the economic radiation, speed up regional opening to the outside world political and economic significance.

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