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GLUS participate in shenzhen before the municipal engineering

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Deep in shenzhen before the sea port of modern service industry zone before the sea of shenzhen municipal engineering VI standard, China railway construction by solid its long-term cooperation unit construction, the project plan with a total investment of 5.21 billion yuan, this block budget is 2.85 billion yuan.The project all rebar connection products and equipment supplied by GLUS.

GLUS participate in shenzhen before the municipal engineering

Cluster content of the project including project management, engineering general contracting, and BIM technology design and construction integration application.Engineering general contracting project types include municipal roads, Bridges, underground contact way (garage, pedestrian), underground space, the skywalk, pedestrian bridge, the park across the street, and cooling pipe network and water (water supply and drainage, river), the soft foundation treatment, public green space and public space within the scope of the public facilities (including bus terminal, a public toilet, sanitation workers rest stop, sewage pumping station, fire station, waste transfer station, cold station, public, commercial supporting facilities), line moving change, green migration, traffic organization, temporary works and other municipal supporting engineering and civil engineering.As shown in the tender documents.

GLUS participate in shenzhen before the municipal engineering

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