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GLUS Shenzhen metro line 10 engineering

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Shenzhen subway line 10, 1012 mark (main road ~ pinghu bell centre, about 14.692 km long, there are 11 12 station interval, the station for the underground station.Construction site is located in shenzhen longgang district), became a bid "star".Recently, the performance appraisal results reported in the third quarter of the shenzhen metro group, China railway construction 1012 mark from shenzhen metro 11 "five big state-owned enterprises joining into the large blocks, comprehensive inspection and assessment of safety and quality have won the first place, this also is a block in the first quarter of this year won the fourth for the second time after comprehensive assessment of the title of good grades, by the shenzhen metro group report.Since GLUS hynix signed the project, its product quality and service quality has been well received by contractor, the project specified using its products.

GLUS Shenzhen metro line 10 engineering

Shenzhen subway line 10, 1012 mark, the value of 3.938 billion yuan, the total length of 14.69 kilometers, the main underground installation.A total of 12 stand 11 interval, Ming excavation method is used for the station construction, the underground cut construction by shield method and the interval of the interval under wear highway 2, 1 in railway 3, overpass.Line up the bell road station, finally pinghu central station, after a huawei's headquarters is located in longgang district.Time limit for a project four and a half years.

GLUS Shenzhen metro line 10 engineering

The line pinghu center station 724.8 meters, will become Asia's largest single station once it is completed.

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