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Guangzhou fair business district underground space use Rebar Couplers

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Is known as the most complicated structure of guangzhou underground space - is the construction of panyu fair business district underground space will be in 4 layer of underground space, integrating transportation, parking, commercial, municipal, not only has the people familiar with the business, parking lot, and a 2.26 km underground loop, bus station is also located in underground at the end of the first negative layer.In addition, the underground water tank, also has to collect the surrounding roof rainwater for reuse.The build two innings construction by solid lux cooperation unit, on both sides have reached a cooperation, actively communication under the project USES Rebar Couplers products and mechanical equipment are all made of solid guinness products!

Guangzhou fair business district underground space use Rebar Couplers

Guangzhou panyu huambo underground space is a part of panyu huambo CBD business district, the total construction scale of about 1.8 million square meters, the plan explicitly underground space scale will reach 1.7111 million square meters (2565 acres), is a concentration of business, transportation and municipal large-scale underground commercial complex, including traffic set the proportion is as high as about 78%, occupies an area of 1.376 million square meters, business accounted for about 21%, occupies an area of 368000 square meters, there are 1.7% of the area is used in municipal construction.

As a "big MAC" guangzhou underground project, with a total area of more than 3 times more than zhujiang new town underground space of the underground space of huambo will build four floors underground business comprehensive, not only include the familiar business, parking lot, the underground space will also be a 2.26 km underground loop, along the loop will decorate 10 municipal pipeline.The subway 7 May also through the business district and to the university.In addition, the underground water tank, also has collected around the mall roof rainwater recycling.

In addition to the underground space construction in full swing, as the Beijing road, up and down nine, and guangzhou tianhe road business circle after the fourth big business circle, panyu district commercial big emerging, gathered the panyu, wanda commercial plaza, agile square, panyu, tianhe city, the garden international center, hongsheng digital plaza, guangzhou automobile culture business center (4) haicheng, China railway noble center, etc.Currently only panyu, wanda commercial plaza, which opened in the future as these business have opened, the influence of the panyu district will expand gradually.

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