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High-speed used Rebar Couplers product case

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Flowers guan expressway, about 65 km, guan highway route toward "baiyun airport - knowledge - zengcheng city - add guan highway", huadu, baiyun, Laura, zengcheng four connected area, about 65 km, two-way six lanes standards, design speed of 100 km, plans to invest about 13 billion yuan.The project by the guangzhou municipal road engineering company, GLUS to strong brand influence, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service emphatic victory in the bid, the project USES Rebar Couplers products and related machinery and equipment, adopt fixed GLUS products!

High-speed used Rebar Couplers product case

Flowers guan at guangzhou baiyun district airport south high-speed export, too was set up in the airport expressway and is linked together, through baiyun district and town, in the town of fertile land south east across from xinguang expressway and beijing-zhuhai high-speed, along the road into the guangzhou knowledge city of knowledge, the planning for nine expressway south, and across the wide river highway, in the new town in southwest across xinguang sandstones, roads and new roads.Route to south, and in the west village to the south across the broad highway, south to wide garden after crossing guangshen railway expressway interchange fairy village, after wide garden fast continue south across the fairy chung village, after the route to travel again across wide garden expressway, south and east ya village across fairy village chung, head to the east lane village south across the river later transferred to the southeast, after YueBu village and through between the Lao village across the river, and Yu Fengbu village south to east, eventually guan highway access.

Spend guan high speed can enhance the new baiyun airport of guangzhou east, dongguan, source of attraction and ease north on high pressure.After the completion of only 15 minutes from the guangzhou knowledge city can reach the airport, it will also be dongguan to new baiyun international airport is the most convenient rapid transit lines.

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